Tom Stanley Says...

Patience and Investing:
“Short term price fluctuations are generally unpredictable therefore, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of patience and investing for the long term.”

Finding Ideas:
“Most of my best ideas don’t find me, I find them.”

Stay Humble:
“If you don’t stay humble the market will make you humble.”

Know What You Don’t Know:
“When investing; it is just as important to know what you don’t know as it is to know what you know.”

Widely Held Beliefs:
“Some of my best successes have been betting against widely held incorrect beliefs.”

Humility and Learning:
“Humility also means that one should seek out anyone you can learn from.”

Only Buy the Best:
“Our most controversial investment practice that has received the most criticism is that we like to buy only our best ideas.”

Flexible Investing:
“It is so important to have a flexible approach to investing. Markets change and by limiting yourself you take away many opportunities.”

Regarding Performance Fees:
“If someone is paying us a reasonable management fee, I don’t think it is fair to take 20 or 25 percent of all of their profits just to show up everyday and do my job.” 

Soft Dollar Deals:
“I am dead-set against soft dollar deals. This reprehensible practice of receiving kickbacks on commissions spent should be banned.”

Market Indices:
“We deliberately positioned the Fund to be different than the market indices, for to have a chance at outperforming the market you have to try to do something different than the market.”

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