“We find our best ideas. They don’t find us”

Resolute Funds Limited

PO Box 26087 Broadway PO
Toronto Ontario M4P 0A8


Note to Advisors:

The Resolute Performance Fund is an unconventional investment that is not widely distributed and that is the way we want it to stay. We are not an exempt market dealer, and we are not interested in selling the Fund ourselves. To sell the Fund, you must be employed by an entrepreneurial firm that will allow a specialized offering like ours.

To be able to offer the Fund, prospective advisors must be approved by Resolute Funds. If you are successful, you will be part of a select group of advisors and will have direct access to our investment team to keep updated. You will be able to offer something rare to your clients: a fund that comes with a track record of success, does not mimic the index, and where the portfolio managers are owners themselves. Furthermore, we hold ourselves directly accountable to our unitholders, offering old-fashioned town hall meetings.

As the Fund is approved in Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario, we welcome inquiries from these jurisdictions. As most of our new investor inquiries come from Ontario, we are particularly interested in adding to our Ontario advisor group. We expect interested advisors to read our principles and understand our Fund thoroughly. Not all who inquire will be accepted. We are as discerning with our dealer network as we are with our investments.