Employment Opportunities

“Do your homework, find the facts;
then make decisions based on the facts”

What we are looking for

  1. Passion
    You must live and breathe the market. Investing is more than just a job to you. You are driven by it, but also find it fun. You are a voracious reader and are addicted to learning.
  2. Skepticism
    We believe in a healthy dose of open-minded skepticism and you should too. You must be able to change your mind and flex into new realities. You must enjoy poking holes in arguments, and you must stay enthused when your arguments are prodded.
  3. Radical Honesty
    Working in a small office requires the utmost honesty in every facet of the business. If you have any tendency towards bending the truth, no matter how small, you need not apply.
  4. Critical Thinking
    You possess critical thinking skills and a high degree of logic. You make decisions based on facts, not feelings.
  5. Financial Acumen
    You may have taken financial courses, but we don’t find it necessary for research related roles. We value passionate personal learning more than any certification or degree. With that said, you must have a good understanding of financial statements and how they work and interact with one another.

Open Positions

Temporary Internship – Research Assistant

Do you have a keen interest in investment management? If so, we have a temporary paid internship. While prior industry experience is not required, a passion for investing, critical thinking skills and honesty are. This internship is an ideal opportunity for an aspiring portfolio manager or analyst to gain that all important first buy side experience. Any candidate must demonstrate that they have been employed in at least two paying jobs in any industry.

Send your cover letter and resume to:

Resolute Funds Limited
PO Box 26087 Broadway PO
Toronto Ontario M4P 0A8,
Attn: Human Resources

In your cover letter, please include the following items:

Please note only those being considered for an interview will be contacted. Initial interviews will be conducted by telephone. No agencies or third parties please.